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House Concert

This past Sunday night, I had the pleasure of performing in a house concert at my friend Keli’s house. She had a fantastic setup in her basement with a beautiful freshly painted floor, lots of seating, mirrors, and good food! We played a combination of marimba solos, duets and trios with a flute player. The pieces we performed included Steve Reich’s Nagoya Marimbas, Katy Perry’s Firework, and some beautiful trios for 2 violins and a cello that we adapted for marimbas and flute.

House concerts are used widely in folk and singer/songwriter genres. Solo artists and bands will often play a concert at a person’s house as a way of touring or expanding their fan base. House concerts also have a long history to them – chamber music really music “room music” which is a music for a small number of instruments that could be played in a home. (Mind you, some of these homes would have been quite large and extravagant!) I think this idea worked very well, and we will definitely have more in the future! Maybe you would like to host a house concert!

I also thought back to my high school days when the rock band I played in at the time would setup in someone’s backyard, and broadcast our music to the neighbours. I think we got noise complaints once, and had to move it inside.

Here, you can listen to us play Reich’s Nagoya Marimbas:

Jesus Christ Superstar

For the last two weekends, I have been involved with a great production of Jesus Christ Superstar. For tickets, and show information, go here.

OMEA Conference

On November 4th, I present a clinic on Boomwhackers at the OMEA Conference at Deerhurst. Here is a video of one song we tried in the workshop – Katy Perry’s Firework!


Firework – Katy Perry